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Various 'specials’ are available throughout the year
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Hercules Sailing Cruises in Spain and Portugal

Hercules cruises - perfect for groups of friends or club trips. Price reviews available for block / group bookings

All our cruises will include RYA Yachtmaster Offshore 60 mile plus qualifying passages.

Interested in Astro?
Sights for beginner to expert.
Sextants available onboard for aspiring Astro navigators.

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RYA Practical Sailing Courses with Hercules Sailing in Gibraltar and Southern Spain

Finding the right courses

To assist you in selecting the right RYA Yachting courses, we have given you a brief outline of what the aims of the each of the courses are, suggested pre-course knowledge and which aspects the course concentrates on. The RYA Cruising Scheme log book G15, gives a fuller description, listing exactly what is covered as well as the RYA web site itself. www.rya.org.uk/coursestraining/sailcruising

The intention of these courses is to improve your ability in the sport and therefore allow you to gain more enjoyment from yachting. Attempting anything too far above your current level can be disheartening so, please do contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your individual needs with complete honesty. We will not give you false promises but will offer guidance and support from your first contact with us to long after completion of your chosen course.

Chris and Mandy have followed the RYA Sailing Cruising scheme and can offer real, sound, solid advice.

How we run our courses

We never ask strangers to share cabins. If there are 3 individuals booked then the yacht is full. Our student / instructor maximum ratio will be 4:1


Our Instructors plan an itinerary taking into account the ability of the crew, the weather conditions and the requirements to cover the syllabus. First class training is standard.

We always sail in excess of the RYA minimum of 100 miles (genuine sea miles), ordinarily 120/130 and we are usually away from home base for 4 nights a week. You get to see more harbours and sample different pilotage situations.

Your safety is paramount at Hercules Sailing and of course your enjoyment. Only the most severe of weather conditions prevent us from giving our students the most varied sailing experience. We like our students to sail, not sit in harbour. We are usually the first to leave in the morning and the last in.

All our students are kept informed of their progress throughout the course as well as after specific tasks. You will be given the opportunity to participate fully in the running of the yacht and crew.

There are no formal examinations on these practical courses, but you are continually assessed by your instructor and every successful student receives an RYA certificate of competence upon completion.

NOTE: Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore/Ocean are separate to the courses and are subject to independent examination. See CS/YM prep.

Our weekly courses start on Sunday evening. It may be possible to board your yacht earlier if she is prepared. We finish about 17.00 on the Friday evening and you may leave once the boat is clean and tidy or if your return flight is not until the Saturday you may stay aboard free of charge for the additional night.

Included in the fee is -
All breakfasts, lunches, snacks and bottled water, 3 evening meals, freshly laundered sheet and duvet (no sleeping bags), free loan of wet weather trousers and jackets, all safety equipment, 5 FULL days sailing (weather conditions permitting), expert tuition, NO surcharge for single occupancy, only couples share cabins.

The ideal way to learn about the principles of navigation and meteorology is in classroom mode rather than struggling at the chart table whilst en route to some destination.

RYA Theory Courses with Hercules Sailing in Gibraltar and Southern Spain

Hercules Sailing can offer a range of RYA theory courses from Essential Navigation and Seamanship to Yachtmaster Ocean.  We offer options for you on how you can complete your theory training and how you choose, will primarily depend upon how much time you have and how you prefer to be trained!

You can learn in the comfort of your own home with our 

DISTANCE LEARNING on line courses for Day Skipper to Yachtmaster Ocean, or try the RYA INTERACTIVE PPR and SRC/VHF radio courses.

Alternatively, we offer the Combination Courses – Accelerated Learning over 9 days or Extended Learning over 12 days. These are residential. 

Standard RYA  5 day theory courses are also available – residential or non – you choose.

Or, if you are local, we can tailor a course just for you in the evenings or weekends or a mixture. Small classes are our speciality and we are happy to do this one – to –one or for a group.

Please see the individual pages for each of the options for further details or contact Mandy to discuss what would suit you best.

RYA Combination Courses

These RYA Combined Theory and Practical Courses are not new.

They are designed to give students the opportunity to put into practice particular aspects of the theory knowledge when learnt.

They are ideal to consolidate learning quickly and use the different methods of teaching throughout the full programme.

Classroom study gives you a stable 'chart table' to initially learn how to handle the tools such as a plotter and dividers whilst you then have the chance to navigate in a moving environment actually at sea. All under the watchful eye of your fully qualified RYA Instructor.

So whether you are at the start of your sailing career with Essential Navigation & Seamanship and Competent Crew or further up the ladder with Coastal a mixed course may just suit.

These Combined Courses have been successfully included within our Cruising programme.

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Hercules Sailing

RYA Coastal / Yachtmaster Theory Course

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